About Chef Henry

Kid Chef Henry "HotHead Henry" Hummeldorf

A little about me, Kid Chef Henry-

I currently live in Katy, Texas but spent my first 7 years of life in Mason, Ohio.

I have an older sister and brother, Ella and William.

I have 1 pet: A French Bulldog named Versace.

  • Favorite Chef(s):

Emeril is who first got me interested in cooking. Since then I have become a fan of Gordon Ramsay as well as my mentor, Scotty Wagner.

  • Favorite Dish to Eat:

Anything adventurous and all seafood. I also love trying new and exotic fruits from other countries and trying to figure out how to use them in a dish!

  • Favorite Dish to Cook:

I love TexMex. My go to dishes are TexMex beef fajita taco with homemade chips and guacamole. And of course Tres Leches for dessert!

  • When did I start cooking?

I’m not really sure. I found a picture of me at around 18 months old trying to grab a spoon to put icing on brownies! I started cooking as a toddler with simple dishes and helping my mom in the kitchen. My go to dish as a toddler was Pond Scum. I served this every Thanksgiving!

  • Where did I learn to cook?

I mostly learned in the kitchen with my mom. I have taken a few cooking classes for kids over the years but learned most of my kitchen skills from my mentor, Chef Scotty Wagner.He’s awesome!

  • Why Spice Mix and Hot Sauce?

I have ambitions to open my own restaurant one day. For now, while I am still in school, I decided to open my own product line that I can market on the weekends and when I am out of school. Hot Sauce is a staple at our house and is something that fits with my style of cooking, TexMex Fusion. The spice mix is used in my hot sauce, as well as a rub in many of my dishes. And, both are pretty tasty!

  • Where did you get the name HotHead Henry?

Some people will tell you I am a very sweet and charming young man. I try to be!

But if you see me mess up one of my dishes in the kitchen, you will see how I earned this nickname. I am not happy with anything less than perfection.

Plus, it just sounds fun!


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