FAQ's - Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between HHH and other hot sauce?
HHH delivers a complex flavor that doesn't just leave a scorch. It does have plenty of kick but that's not all. I found just the right combination of spices, some of them are very unique, that deliver a flavor you will want to try on anything and everything!

How spicy is HHH?
My hot sauce is definitely spicy but not the spiciest out there. I wanted a product that has some serious heat but is still flavorful enough for anyone to enjoy. I'm currently working on a spicier version for the risk takers out there that need that extra scorch! So if that's you, try this version first and keep an eye out for the next variety.

Is HHH Gluten Free?

Is HHH sugar free?

Is HHH MSG free?
I don't even know what that is, but we sure don't have any in my sauce!!

Do I need to refrigerate HHH?
No, you don't but if you do, it certainly won't hurt anything!

Why does HHH separate when it sits on my counter for awhile?
HHH contains NO preservatives or additives. This means it is all natural. Because it doesn't contain any food additives (like most of the hot sauces you see in stores) the product tends to separate sometimes. Don't worry, it's not a sign that it's bad... actually the opposite! It means there isn't anything extra in there to make it stick together! Just give it a few good shakes before you open the bottle and it will still taste fantastic!

What is the shelf life for a bottle of HHH?
While HHH doesn't really expire, we recommend using it within 2 years of the purchase. Although I can't image it lasting that long on anyone's shelf! After you open it, try to use it within six months to make sure the flavors are still fresh.



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