Why Citrus Rocks In Cooking

I love using limes as garnish and for extra flavor in my recipes. But did you know that limes are actually super healthy too? I live in Texas where we have a baby lime tree growing in our yard. As soon as limes appears we pick them and use them. They are great for fresh guacamole or we squeeze the juice into our tacos, sour cream, halibut… almost anything! I do this for the taste but I recently learned that limes also have lots of antioxidants which boosts your health, improves skin and helps digestion. How cool is that?Something healthy that tastes fantastic!

Lemons do the same thing. I even hear a few slices of lemon in hot tea each day may help you lose weight as well as keep you healthy.

This is really cool for me because I love cooking with lemons and limes. One of my recipes you will find is for Classic Lemon Cake. In this recipe I only use fresh lemons… no extract or fake flavors, only the real thing! And it tastes awesome. I also like to make fresh squeezed lemonade and limeade. Look for those recipes on my website as well.


A great taste with lots of health benefits… that’s why these citrus fruits rock!

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